Shape poemshttp://www.enchantedlearning.com/poetry/shapepoems/

Shape Poems : http://www.funny-poems.co.uk/types/shape/

Funny Poems: http://www.funny-poems.co.uk/

How to write poetry:  http://www.poetry4kids.com/blog/lessons/poetry-writing-lessons/

Poetry Worksheets                    Types of Poetry            

Rhyming Dictiionary: http://www.poetry4kids.com/rhymes

Analyze POETRY Structure and Language

Rhyme Video Lesson http://www.poetry4kids.com/blog/video/how-to-rhyme/

Dear students,

This page is for poetry practice, worksheets and also contributions. So when you have write any poetry, please share with everyone here.

You can use the PDF file upoloaded on the this page to print or to use electonically by iPad or any other application.

Why poetry? 

Poetry is vital language. Poetry relies on the writer’s feelings, history and perceptions, so every person has the background needed to write poems. Because poetry draws on the senses and the senses give deep access to memories and feelings, poetry writing is relevant and interesting.

In all ages, poetry has been regarded as important, not simply for pleasure, but as something central to each individual’’s existence, something of unique value, and something which makes us feel better off for having and which we are spiritually impoverished without.

• I.B. (Bunny) Iskov is the founder of The Ontario Poetry Society.


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